Asian Oasis accepts volunteers and internship for any of our projects. We believe in learning through knowledge exchange. We are fortunate to welcome volunteers who use their skills and expertise to help the communities or preserve the environment in different ways. Those volunteering with us can seek to develop certain skills, to socialize, to give back to the world or just for fun.
Volunteers can come from different training backgrounds such as education, environmental science or engineering. There are plenty of things you can do to help the villagers and preserve the environment, including teaching (English, service skills), recycling projects, farming, environmental clean up, infrastructure and medical care.

Students Studying Hospitality Business

Our lodges also offer an opportunity for tourism students who wish to practice their skills in hospitality business. At the lodges, we provide boarding to all interns and volunteers while working with the community. What you will bring after the end of your stay is an invaluable experience, a sense of self-worth and a respect to our Mother Nature.

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