A special “Giving Back” voucher to local community

In our effort to support our local traditions and sustainable, eco friendly living, many of our products now offer a special “Giving Back” voucher.

The voucher enables the holder to buy any product(s) made by the local tribes/villages or the Araksa organic tea gardens up to the value specified on the voucher.

The voucher can only be used in its entirety and will not have any refund value

Each voucher has a three month value from the date it is issued.

Voucher cannot be redeemed against any cash or discounts, food items or activities.

Guests can use it as part payment by topping up any extra amount with cash.

When you buy locally made products, you are supporting the community to improve their overall living standards, sending the tribal children for education and encouraging local craftsmanship and traditions to flourish.

Additional vouchers can be ordered online by sending us an email to [email protected] Alternately, cash can also be used.

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