Teatime and Lunch surrounded by serene nature

Sitting on a small hill overlooking green tea plants, the Araksa Tea House offers lunch, cakes and pastries. The restaurant's simple, elegant design and the beautiful nature surrounding it reflect the restaurant cuisine.


  • Khao Yum - Thai rice salad with condiments on the side
  • Spicy salad with your choice of chicken, pork or mushrooms with crispy tea leaves
  • Crispy Lemongrass with grilled chicken or deep-fried tofu
  • Deep-fried fish with spicy herb dressing 290
  • Pork Curry “Hinlay” (Thai-style Massamun Curry)
  • Chicken Curry “Panaeng” (red curry with a base of coconut and peanuts)
  • Stir-fried mixed vegetables
  • Khao Pad Fried rice with your choice of chicken, pork or vegetarian
  • Phad Thai – Thai-style stir-fried rice noodles
  • Mee Kati – Thai-style rice noodles in coconut milk
  • Northern Thai-style Pumpkin soup
  • White Tea - Arun Silver tips: Arun means sunrise, which is when this tea is harvest A pale yellow liqueur with fresh and delicate honey, floral and green notes. This tea is very soothing to drink.
  • White Tea - Sayun Silver tips, Sayun means sunset. A Golden liqueur with toasted, fruity and floral notes. This tea is very soothing to drink.
  • Green Tea A Golden yellow liqueur accompanied by a fresh floral, green and nutty taste. This tea is very smooth to the palatte with a tinge of astringecy.
  • Silk Tea - Signature Premium Black Tea Our signature premium black tea captures the scent and beauty of our garden in a cup. Clear amber liqueur with sweet floral, honey & fruity notes that is smooth like silk
  • Black Tea An amber liqueur with warm woody, malty, vanilla and honey notes. This tea is very velvety and sweet.
  • English Breakfast Tea A dark amber liqueur with vanilla, woody, malty and spicy notes. This tea is a robust black tea. Served with Milk.
  • Earl Grey Tea An amber liqueur with a wonderful fragrance of bergamot. This tea is a very fresh and zesty in the attack and follows with woody, malty and vanilla notes. It is very sweet and freshin the mounth.
  • Thai Tea An all natural blend of the classic Thai Tea. This tea has an amber liquer and tastes like a dessert with vanilla, caramel, milky and creamy notes.
  • Bluefly Tea A deep blue liqueur with a fresh lemon-lime taste, a tinge of mint and a floralrose and lemony citrus aroma. This tea is very refreshing to drink.

Open Daily 8:00-17:00

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