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Working with the Communities

Our lodges, Lisu Lodge in Chiang Mai and Lanjia Lodge in Chiang Rai, are located in local communities mostly made up of ethic hill tribe minorities. These communities have been involved with the development and operations of the lodges from the beginning.

Eco-Friendly Architecture

The buildings at our lodges have incorporated many design and architectural features that reflect the rich traditions of the hill tribe communities. They are built with environmental concerns; the structures are made from natural materials and require minimum use of energy. ​
There is no air conditioning at our lodges. Each house is built on stilts with high roof, allowing air to flow freely throughout the day.

Supporting Local Businesses

Almost 100% of our food is supplied by local people in the area where the lodge is situated, Tour activities are operated by local community members. Our team members are the local community members, and they make every effort to purchase any resources needed for operations from family and community members.

Green Energy & Resource Efficiency

We are continually working to improve resource efficiency and search for a sustainable source of energy for our lodges. There is no air-conditioning at Lisu Lodge, which helps minimize our carbon footprint.
Other examples include;
  • The USA certified ECO hot water heaters’ operate on solar panels and provide clean and safe water, as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • A minimal amount of waste is produced and recycled when appropriate. Leftover food is consumed by the village pigs.
  • Waste water is properly treated.
  • Almost all tour activities require low energy consumption such as trekking, rafting and biking.
  • We support pesticide-free vegetables and non-chemical toiletry.
  • We are phasing out the use of single-use plastic in all our products.
  • We grow the majority of our vegetables in our own, organic gardens at Lisu Lodge and Lanjia Lodge.

Our Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is about being accountable for our actions and being conscious of the impact our actions have on others, our communities, and the environment.