Village Bank

Working with Organizations

We actively work with a variety of local governments, universities and organizations to share and bring in their knowledge to improve our services and the livelihood of the villagers.

  • The Forest Restoration Research Unit, Chiang Mai University
  • The Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA)
  • The Himmapaan Foundation

Small Business Opportunities

A designated area in the lodge is provided for the villagers to display and sell their handicraft products to our guests. Many of the hill tribe women earn extra income by sewing and handicraft production. There is no charge for the rent and the villagers can keep all of their sales. Now the Ton Loong Village is one of the largest local supplier and exporter of handicrafts in the region.

Giving Back

Over the years, Asian Oasis has participated in a number of social projects for good cause throughout Thailand.

Improved Standard of Living

Lisu Lodge and Lanjia Lodge team members are comprised of local village members who are compensated with a monthly salary, a share of the guest service charges and contributions to social security, exceeding the basic requirements of the Thai labor standards. Lodge staffs receive necessary vaccinations and regular health checks. Uniforms and meals are provided to all team members.

Job Opportunities & Training for Local Community Residents

It is our policy that all staff members at each of our experiences are local residents from the communities in the area. We work towards building the next generation of managers from the local community. Since the village’s main source of income has traditionally been from agricultural production, all staffs have time away from work to assist their families with the harvests. Asian Oasis personnel and Lodge staff receive regular training by professionals in related fields.​

Distribution of Income: Outsourcing Local Activities

Preserving Traditions

Junk Cruise

In Phuket, the crew of June Bahtra and Suwan Macha come from local fishing villages around Phang Nga Bay. With their expertise in the area, we work with them to ensure that our excursions do not impact marine life, rock formations and water conditions.

​Traditional Rice Barge Cruise

In Bangkok, our cruise experiences are on traditional rice barges. We work with local communities to preserve these vessels since they are diminishing from our waterways. Our teak barges, the Mekhala, are operated by people from communities living along the Chao Phraya River. We support an ethnic Mon minority community that moved from Burma to Bangkok more than a century ago. This small riverside community won awards for maintaining their traditions and practicing green activities within their village.

Social Responsibility Activities

"Kru Su Doi" Project

​(In 2012)

Developed the “Kru Su Doi” project with the Himmapaan Foundation to raise fund for the salary of a school teacher at Kop Kup Lahu village, Chiang Mai.
The project helps children ages between 2-7 years old to have access to education. Before the project began, the children had to trek for hours from their hill tribe village to go to school, which is located on the foothill.

Flood Relief Efforts

​(In 2011)

The Mekhala boats collaborated with Thai authorities for flood relief efforts in Bangkok.
​The boats were also used to distribute food and basic supplies to the riverside Sala Dang community, which was inundated for 3 months.

Recycling Efforts

​​(In 2010 & 2011)

Installed recycling bins throughout the hill tribe villages around Lanjia lodge and Lisu lodge.

Nursery Construction

​​(In 2010)

​Built a nursery school at Kop Kup Lahu village, Chiang Mai.

Dam Construction

​​(In 2009)

Built a dam for the Lisu village, with cooperation from over 200 hundred villagers and students of International School of Bangkok under our Earth Care program – Weeks with out walls.

Program Development

​​(In 2008)

Developed the Batik Making school in Kiew Karn village, Chiang Khong District in Chiang Rai Province.

Avian Flu Relief Efforts

​​(In 2005)

Lisu Lodge purchased over 3,000 birds (Hens and Roosters) from the Lisu villages at Baan Ton Loong to be relocated in confined area to ensure that the communities were not living in close proximity to the birds to contract the Avian Flu.

Tsunami Relief

​​(In 2004)

Helped to rebuild P35 School in Khao Lak area, southern Thailand, after the Tsunami and raised over 20 millions baht with our affiliated companies.