“The River of the Kings”

The Chao Phraya has long played a key role in the history and economy of Thailand. Vital and strategic, it serves as a means of communication as well as transport and has been extremely important in the fostering and nurturing of culture and commerce There are four tributaries contributing to the waters of the Chao Phraya coming down from northern Thailand.

The extremely fertile basin has always attracted many immigrants. Moreover, not only does it cover the central and northern parts of Thailand, it is easily accessible from the Gulf of Thailand. Yet, the Chao Phraya has always been protected from excessive foreign influence.

Bangkok is crisscrossed by many canals called “klongs”. Because of the extensive, vital network of waterways, Bangkok is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the Orient”. In fact, until the last century, there were probably more canals than roads in the area.


Following her previous life as a traditional Thai rice barge transporting cargos of rice, sugar and sand up-river from Bangkok to remote riverside towns, she was converted to a touring river boat and her name was changed from ”Ieam Jun” to “Mekhala”.

Now, she is re-born as the luxury river cruising vessel “Namthip” that will carry you from Bangkok along the grand Chao Phraya River.

With a handsome hull and deck of solid wood as well as a timber shingled and natural woven bamboo grass covered roof, the approach to the design and decorations for the renewed boat honors the traditional Thai architectural palette of materials including timber paneling, woven rattan, bamboo and solid floor boarding whilst providing luxurious modern-day amenities on both the upper and lower decks.

Your Charter Cruise options

The boat features 2 luxury, air-conditioned bedrooms sleeping up to 5 guests, both with en-cabin bathroom with hot shower. On the main upper deck, both open and shaded areas will provide casual lounge style seating and star-lit dining arrangements for an intimate group of only 2 or 4, through to a party of 30 guests. Entertaining guests will be taken care of by the boat’s staff and an onboard kitchen and cocktail bar.

Namthip is available for private charters for day cruises, sunset cruises, lunch or dinner cruises and as well as (multiple) overnight cruises.

Cruise: Dinner cruise/ Cocktail Cruise/ Overnight cruise to Ayutthaya and other purposes
Price (minimum 3 hours): start from 65,000 Baht, including crew service and fuel


Below deck, two large guest suites provide generous onboard accommodation. Both suites include separate bathrooms finished with tap-wares by Water Works and European fittings. Air conditioners are artfully concealed while in the master suite, glazed windows can be opened to allow full natural cross-ventilation and daylight as desired.

The master suite is also convertible into a meeting room for onboard entertaining or small group conferences, in privacy. All elements of the boat, from the mechanical to onboard safety equipment, are specified to the highest levels of quality with the intent of offering guests as enjoyable and relaxing an onboard time as possible.



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