The Lanjia, or ‘peaceful’ in Hmong language, is an eco-friendly community-based lodge nestled high on a hill in Chiang Rai Province, northern Thailand. It offers tour packages that combine hill tribe experience with cultural and adventure tours such as hiking, Hmong batik class, nature walk and the Golden Triangle tour. Contributions from your stay will be used on community projects that will improve the local hill tribe people’s living conditions.

Hill Tribe people in Thailand

In Thailand, hill tribe is usually known for all various ethnic groups who mostly inhabit the mountainous northern and western regions. Migrating from various parts of China and Southeast Asia, hill tribe people in Thailand have different systems of customs, laws and beliefs. There are at least ten hill tribes living in the country – many of them can be divided into distinct subgroups. Each tribe has distinctly crafted costumes, though many men and children now adopt Western clothes for everyday wear.

Places to visit near Lanjia Lodge

Hill Tribe people at Lanjia Lodge

Lanjia Lodge was completed in 2008. It is situated high on a hill in the Hmong and Lahu hill-tribe village of Ban Kiewkarn in Chiang Rai Province. The Lahu hill tribe people here are mostly farmers. They generally practice animism while some of them are converted to Christianity.

Houses are built on high stilts and thatched with grass. The Lahu women wear a black cloak with white stripes, decorated in red and yellow on the sleeve. The tribe is known for its embroidered bags.

The Hmong villagers at Lanjia Lodge live in extended families in traditional houses with a roof descending almost to the ground level. The Hmong are skillful in making silver jewelry.

How to Get There

Lanjia Lodge

347 Kiewkan village , Moo 6
Tambol Rimkhong, Amphur Chiang Khong
Chiang Rai 57140 Thailand

Transfer Available

Lanjia Lodge is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Chiang Rai city.
Transfers between Lanjia Lodge and Chiang Rai city/ Chiang Rai airport or Chiang Khong immigration checkpoint are available for Lanjia Lodge guests upon request.

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