Asian Oasis Travel is a collection of unique, personalised travel experiences that take travellers through the Kingdom of Thailand from the northern-most province of Chiang Rai to the southern island of Phuket. Created by passionate travellers, Asian Oasis has always committed to working closely with local communities to create sustainable, community-based tourism while preserving the natural surroundings.

We believe that for a destination to be truly brought to life, a traveller should experience the local culture the way it really is, rather than a reproduction of what it once was. It is our goal to offer our guests memorable experiences of rural Thai life that are fascinating and real, as well as ecologically, environmentally and culturally sensitive.

We built our first eco-friendly lodge “Lisu Lodge” in 1995 in a remote hill tribe village resided by the Lisu hill tribe. The aim was for Lisu Lodge to become a place where visitors could learn about local culture directly from their hosts, the Lisu villagers. We also wanted the village to benefit from tourism. Parts of the income earned at the lodge go towards the village fund to support educational, cultural and economic projects to improve the quality of life of hundreds of villagers.
This same model was also adopted when we built Lanjia Lodge in a Hmong and Lahu hill tribe village in Chiang Rai. The two lodges are now trailblazers in community-based tourism in Thailand, having won local and international awards.
Today, Asian Oasis offers the opportunity for immersion in hill tribe culture in its own lodges in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, operated under the concept of community-based tourism; experiential tours in our “Araksa Tea Garden”, the first and only Tea Plantation in Thailand certified “organic” by USDA and the EU; and a fleet of classic cruise boats that ply the waters off Phuket and a cruise along the legendary Chao Phraya River between Bangkok and Ayutthaya, as well as cruise charter on an hourly or daily basis. Through a partner, we also offer cruise programmes in Laos, including a unique cruise on the mighty Mekong River from northern Thailand to the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang


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