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Earthcare is a unique learning program by Asian Oasis that combines awareness of environmental responsibility and conservation, understanding of community issues and, through that, self-development and discovery. EarthCare programs can be tailor made for corporate groups and schools at various destinations reflecting the essence of local community, the environment, and conservation, a program rich in values and grounded in learning experiences. Our EarthCare discovery program at Lanjia Lodge and Lisu Lodge was certainly a full experience of culture, self reflection, environmental impacts, and community development. 

For example, at Lanjia Lodge, students from international schools in Bangkok embark on a journey in which allowed them to embrace the local community. Enriching activities include the setting up of a fish hatchery, learning how to stimulate the spawning process so the fish could release eggs for fertilization and after two days let thousands of baby fish into the waters of the Mekong, one way to address the real and impacting issue of the dramatic reduction in the numbers of giant catfish.

Students also experience stimulating round table discussions with key people responsible for the catfish challenge, that is the head of fisheries, government liaison, local community and from this feel the burning need to try to see what the real issue is to understand what needs to happen on a regional and national level to rectify environmental damage.


Confusion was an outcome as it was evident individual groups seemed to have their own concerns, own agendas without alignment between them. To really make a difference it certainly appears there needs to be a letting go of fixing, and rather come together as a driving force for positive change. Each EarthCare program will build on the previous program to ultimately impact positive change.

Other activities in EarthCare include interactive English exchange with local schools, canvas painting on daily experience, performance exchange, recycling projects for local community, tree planting, batik design, and understanding plus exchanging beliefs, values, and life balance.

The final day gave the students the opportunity to find a space around Lanjia Lodge where they could reflect on the previous 5 days and spend quality time exploring what they learnt form their experience, that is, about them self, others, the community, and the environment. Powerful reflections where shared by each student with amazing descriptions including the creation of poems, songs, and heart felt stories touching the core of experiential learning.

Are you interested in working with us on your own educational program? Please send us an Enquiry and we happily assist you in establishing a multiple days program with base in our Lisu or Lanjia Lodges.