Located in Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai, on a scenic, evergreen hill, Araksa Tea Garden specialises in producing high quality Assam tea, a black tea named after the name of India’s largest tea growing region.
See the beauty of the lush tea garden and learn about the tea growing process from the beginning. Get hands-on as you learn how to pluck tea leaves from resident tea pluckers. Watch how the leaves are processed in a traditional way and enjoy a cup of tea and traditional Thai snack.

“The name “Araksa” translates to “Preserve” in Sanskrit. Our philosophy at Araksa is to preserve and conserve our surrounding environment and local culture. We are passionate about creating an ecosystem that can sustain both the business and environment we are using.
At Araksa we believe quality stems from the environment and social wellbeing. Sustainability is our path to providing high quality tea and we make a constant effort to ensure that everyone involved works with this ideology in mind.

Our Garden

Our entire garden is USDA and EU Certified. Our tea is grown, harvested and processed in the most sustainable way. We do not use chemicals or harmful toxins; we have created natural buffer zones to prevent contamination from the air and soil and we continue to pluck by hand rather than using machines in order to use clean energy.”

Activities at ARAKSA